Dunton Plant was formed in 1981 and has been trading in the Construction / Demolition / Remediation business for over 30 years growing into a multifaceted family run company, please read on to find out more about what we can offer.

The business has evolved over many years in consultation with the construction industry's key companies. The principles behind our success are simple - a dynamic team has been assembled, each member contributing their own individual skill, knowledge and expertise within the demolition and remediation industry.

DPL has combined this wealth of experience to form a unique professionally 'director driven' approach providing clients with comprehensive methods of managing projects.

Our aim? ... by engaging our expertise at the earliest stage of developments we can work in partnership to provide consistently high quality, high value and effective solutions.  This work for each project by integrating all aspects of brownfield site regeneration which we believe significantly enhances productivity, time and cost effectiveness, whilst balancing responsible risk reduction and environmental merit.

DPL has a continued awareness of changes to government legislation, advising our clients of any new directives to ensure the most practical and cost effective solutions are achieved.

DPL is in business to provide clients with viable alternatives selecting from stand alone demolition and remediation proposals to total site preparation packages. We also recognise that the nature of our business is ever changing and requires continued evolution of client partnerships - a priority for the success of all involved.

A conversation with DPL is the starting point ... take a closer look at what we have to offer.